The Ristorante pizzeria La Capannina is situated in Pogerola, an old farming village overlooking Amalfi, where traditional, local produce is still used in our cuisine today.

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Pogerola is a part of Amalfi and is just a short distance away, connected by a winding road and several pathways and steps which, until a few decades ago, were the only viable way to reach Amalfi.

Pogerola has not given up its farming traditions and it is surrounded by lemon terraces and chestnut groves. Behind Pogerola you can see the Monti Lattari and the natural reserve of the Valle delle Ferriere. The latter is well known for its rare tropical ferns (Pteris Cretica and Woodwardia radicans).

A visit to the Valle delle Ferriere is a must due to its numerous waterfalls and springs which have ancient evocative names such as Acqua Fredda, Acqua Vracciara, Acqua del Vecite, Acqua del Pertuso, Acqua del Caeraso and Acqua del Sambuco. For years these springs have supplied water to the factories and famous paper mills in Amalfi.

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Ristorante Pizzeria La Capannina di Talarico Domenico - Via Nuova 10 - loc. Pogerola 84011 Amalfi (SA)
Telefono e fax +39 089871128 - P.IVA 02366950653