How to reach us

To reach Pogerola, from Sorrento, from Castellammare/Agerola or from Salerno, follow the road signs to Amalfi and then the signs indicating the way to Pogerola.

It isn't difficult to find as the road signs are precise and frequent and Pogerola is only 10 minutes away from Amalfi by car.

Amalfi is also the departure point for Sita buses which run a frequent bus service from Amalfi to Pogerola.

Contact us if you are staying in a hotel in the area and we can organise a private shuttle service which will come and collect you and then take you back to your hotel.

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Ristorante Pizzeria La Capannina di Talarico Domenico - Via Nuova 10 - loc. Pogerola 84011 Amalfi (SA)
Telefono e fax +39 089871128 - P.IVA 02366950653